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“They’re ready for you now,” she whispered. “They?” Ben asked. “They,” she smiled, pulling her underwear tightly around Ben’s head.
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Just then I feel her hand franticly working at my belt buckle, and she manages to release it in record time and undo my button and zip.
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I wouldn’t have recognized me had I not known that this was a mirror. I didn’t know whether I looked like a Playboy model, a movie starlet, or a hooker.
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A bitter, slightly sour taste rolled over her tongue to the back of her throat. She unconsciously moaned as she swallowed a serving of her own creation.
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As long as I am Chet, you can have any couple that you want. We will probably have to wait if you choose Cliff and Jennifer.
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Her eyes rolled into the back of head, her face flushed red, as I pummeled her. I could feel her fingernails digging deep into the flesh on my back as she hollered, Oh!
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I like it that much more when Michelle is consumed with another man she’s having an affair with. Maybe it’s proving my manhood over and over again when she always comes home to me over another lover.
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With a real serious expression on his face, Adam said, I’ll give you ten and I’m not kidding. Then a couple of guys laughingly chimed in saying that they would take him up on it.
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They seldom do. But, to be very candid sir, men of size and savagery are what they dream of. " As Steven emptied himself into the white porcelain, he shivered when he noticed the attendant sneak a glance at his exposed penis. "Men like us sir, civilized men, men born without the, well, sufficient 'equipment' that such women desire, must often stand aside when a lady finds that our sensitive devotion is no match for a good fucking.
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She was sure he hadn’t recognized her, unless he was a good actor. I am a model actually! Well that makes sense.
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After the first month or so they started sleeping together in the bed, sometimes though there wouldn’t be any sleeping.
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“Well I’m free this weekend, so we’ll see how it goes!” she replied, “In the meantime, I really must do something about that rigid cock of yours!”
She pushed me flat on my back and straddled my hips before lowering herself down onto my cock – impaling herself upon it, and then raising her hips up and down to slowly slide it in and out of her slurping cunt!
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He made deep strokes, and went at a steady pace that lead me straight to my second orgasm. He groaned, and pushed himself harder.
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I think it was the longest orgasm I’d ever had. Fucking amazing. I looked up at the erect member. If that’s what a couple of inches can achieve, what the hell will your full-length do to me.
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Seventeen year olds aren’t the smartest after all. We’re checking the tape from a traffic camera right now.
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Give me that, she said softly as she reached down to guide my fingers out of her sopping wet hole. She looked directly into my eyes with a heated stare as she brought my hand to her mouth and wrapped her soft lips around my wet fingers, sensually sucking them clean of her juices.
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Barbara and Tommy had a six-foot-tall solid wood fence around the back yard for privacy and Connie had just come in through the side gate that faced her property.
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Yeah he would, agreed Jenny. Don continued, The night I gave Angel that necklace, we made love for the first time.
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I had returned home from working that night when my wife said, Do you know who I ran into today? I hate when she does this to me.
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I am proud of the progress you are making and I don't anticipate any issues coming up. I believe you have the proper mindset and you certainly have the motivation to become a good submissive," I said. "Thank you, Master," she said, kissing my cheek.
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I slide in so easily, and the loose wetness is like a gentle massage of my cock, surrounding me but not gripping me, until I feel you tighten your muscles around me, and then I find my hardness touched in a very strong and deliberate way.
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“Well, first of all, as you already know, I don’t look quite as good naked as you do. And, secondly, I don’t have sun screen all over like you.
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Santa’s magical cock drove her crazy and she began squirting all over the floor as Santa pumped away.
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Then we began making out for a minute and then I had laid down on the bed. His hands started to go down south towards my crotch.
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At each intersection I had to change down a gear with my hand, elbow on the steering wheel to keep the car straight, and the same when I changed up through the gears again.
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